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Let’s talk new arrivals

It’s not a secret that I am a Honey Bee for T. C. Elli’s, a Lubbock based boutique and online store. They’re constantly adding new and exciting things to their website, and when I opened my computer today I saw the CUTEST new arrivals. I’d say the main style of T.C. Elli’s is girly, eclectic, and trendy. All of their clothes, accessories and shoes have a fun and funky twist to them and I just cant get enough. I thought I would link some of my favorite finds so you guys could shop too! Remember you can always use my code ‘Christian’ to get 20% off your entire order!

There are so many other jaw dropping items they added recently, but these are definitely my favorite! How freaking cute are these wooden cheetah heels? Literally a statement piece if I have ever seen one! They also added some band tee’s and graphic tee’s that would be so cute with some denim shorts and a pair of sneakers! I Hope you guys have an amazing Friday, and an even better Memorial Day weekend! Until the next one, Peace!

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It’s Spring Time BISSS!

Okay ya’ll I just got the cutest little cropped camis from TCElli’s, and I HAD TO share! I decided the best way to show you how dang versatile these things were was to put together a few outfits that scream spring. Honestly I personally feel like having basic pieces of clothing is essential to any wardrobe. Whether thats black, white and nude camis or T-shirts. You also have to have the denim, shorts and jacket. I think thats why I loved these cropped camis so much, because I can transition them from spring to summer and they literally go with EVERYTHING!

These are just a few of the ways you can style these camis!! I wouldn’t put it past myself to go order them in every color! Don’t forget, If you shop the TCElli’s website, use my code Christian19 for 19% off your entire purchase! I won’t make any commission off your purchase, just trying to get you a discount girl! Happy Friday, and happy shopping!!

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Spring Break Must Haves!

I was browsing through one of my favorite online clothing stores this morning and happened upon some things that I think are absolutely must haves for your spring break packing list! This year I decided to have a stay-cation in Dallas, while trying to find new, hidden spots in the city! (stay tuned cause i’ll be posting about my trip later!) I still wanted to find some pieces that I could add to my spring break wardrobe that would be versatile through the spring and summer! Here are some of my favorite finds! Click on the caption of the photo to shop that piece! Also, don’t forget you can use the code Christian19 at the checkout of for 19% off your entire order!

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Valentine’s day inspo

As you all may know by now, I got myself a boyfriend, and finally have a reason to celebrate this holiday. This is just all the more reason to go and pick out something to wear out for our valentine’s date. Here are my favorite items from my favorite shop TC Elli’s for Valentine’s Day!! Don’t forget to use code Christian19 for 19% off your entire order!

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OMG jeans

I love statement jeans, and these flares are giving me serious Donna vibes. I for real feel like i’m in the cast of Momma Mia and I am dying for it. All I have wanted to do is wear these jeans with literally every top I own and i’m okay with it. They are so so so comfortable and stretchy. I also think they’re the perfect medium wash to wear with cold weather outfits as well as into the spring. They run a bit small so in this picture I am wearing a 7 (for reference i normally wear about a 2 or 4). They’re currently sold out, but have tons of new styles coming for the spring! I cannot wait to see what they add to their shop for the warmer weather!

Here is a link to their site! Also, don’t forget if you want 19% off on your entire order use code Christian19!!

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Okay, so for those of you who don’t know, I recently partnered with a store based in Lubbock, Texas called TC Elli’s! First of all, I would never promote something I personally didn’t believe in or love. These clothes are such great quality and the people are SO kind and fun to work with!

Y’all, this skirt is so fun and flirty and I cant wait to wear it literally all of the time with everything I currently have in my closet. One of my biggest things when building a closet is to find pieces that are versatile and could be paired with tons of different shoes and tops and bottoms. Thats another reason why I picked this black, kind of distressed denim skater skirt! They have tons of super cute skirts and flared jeans that would go great with literally anything!

Lastly, these snake skin booties that are SO on trend right now can be found at Steve Madden! They run true to size and when I say i’m going to find every excuse to wear them, I am in no way exaggerating!