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PACSUN extra 50% off!!

Alright, I know a good sale when I see one, and if you were looking for a sign to buy some new summer clothes this is it! First of all I want to apologize for my lack of consistency lately. I’m human and life gets in the way of me posting sometimes. School has been NUTS (i’m graduating in 30 days EEEPPP)!! I can’t promise you I will be any better in the near future, but I promise i’m working on it!

I was doing some digging for some new clothes for summer, and Pacsun has some insane deals right now. Their sale section is having an ADDITIONAL 50% off on top of all of their already existing sales. So naturally I picked my favorite pieces and linked them for you on my page! You can always shop my looks there by taking a screen shot of my instagram or pinterest posts. Now, here we are, my favorite picks from the sale are below!

As you can see, they’re sporting a lot of stripes, denim and most importantly COLOR! These are all going to be staples in your wardrobe this summer, I just know it! Anyway, happy shopping and don’t forget to follow me on the app, my handle is @christian_tay! If you find any other great finds, don’t hesitate to send them my way!!

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My Dallas Travel Guide

So i’ve lived near Dallas my whole life, yet I never really had the means to explore all it had to offer. When I was younger I would go to downtown Dallas for cheer competitions or the occasional field trip, but never really got to explore. The city is so special and I knew I was missing out. Now, being 22 and capable of planning my own vacations I had this sudden urge to explore the big city I had grown up so close to. This being said, I now feel as though it is my duty to help all of you discover Dallas too!

There are a lot of tourist type things to do around Dallas that are great! You could go to the zoo, the aquarium (which is fantastic by the way), or even go and see where JFK was assassinated (if you’re into that sort of thing). Although if you are looking for a more “see Dallas local” experience, i’ve got the inside scoop for ya!

First, let me start by saying the best way to experience this city as a local is not to book some fancy hotel in the heart of Dallas. Instead, try looking at AirBnb. For first time guests they offer a discount, which could really reduce the rate of your stay! Here is a link to book your first stay! I truly think this is the best way to capture the Dallas vibe, and see the charm and love that people put into their homes/apartments! Plus a lot of people that use AirBnb will leave you with a guide on how to best explore their city. Also, here is the link to the AirBnb that I stayed at just to give you a feel for what i’m talking about!

One of the other things that you MUST DO is make the trip over to Deep Ellum. There are 3 streets of restaurants, bars, and entertainment that you can’t miss out on. Commerce Street arguably has some of the best food that Dallas has to offer. One of my all time favorite burger places is called Twisted Root Burger Co. and let me just be the one to tell you, you will never forget it. They have shakes, burgers, loaded fries and fried pickles. Every time I eat there I think about the next time i’ll be able to go back.

Ultimately, there are a ton of things to do in Dallas. One of the greatest things we did on our trip was order Starbucks and decide to take it on a walk around downtown. The weather was incredible and it gave us a new perspective on the everyday life that happens there. With so many restaurants and pubs to choose from, it’s kind of a fun game to just walk around and choose one because its almost impossible to go wrong with your choice.

Finally, if you’re wanting to see Dallas from a bird’s eye view, check out the restaurant Five Sixty at Reunion tower. This restaurant sits at the very top of the reunion tower and spins 360 degrees while you’re there so you can see all of Dallas in one sitting. You can make reservations for dinner, but we opted to go right when they opened at 5 and sit at the bar for happy hour drinks and food. Their happy hour lasts from 5-7, and let me tell you the food is incredible. We got the potstickers, and “Tokyo” onion rings off of the appetizer menu and were very pleased with our decision.

After we finished up at Reunion Tower we decided to hit up another hidden gem, Deep Ellum Brewery. They have seasonal beers that rotate throughout the year, as well as “Here to stay” beers that are there year round. They also have incredible bar food like loaded tots, pizzas and burgers that are to die for. If you’re 21+ this is a place you definitely have to check out!

I hope if you decide to travel to Dallas, you love it as much as we do. It is a special city with a lot to offer! Let me know if you try any of my recommendations and please tell me what your experience was! If you find any new hidden gems, hit me up so I can try them out too! Have fun, be safe and God bless Texas!

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It’s Spring Time BISSS!

Okay ya’ll I just got the cutest little cropped camis from TCElli’s, and I HAD TO share! I decided the best way to show you how dang versatile these things were was to put together a few outfits that scream spring. Honestly I personally feel like having basic pieces of clothing is essential to any wardrobe. Whether thats black, white and nude camis or T-shirts. You also have to have the denim, shorts and jacket. I think thats why I loved these cropped camis so much, because I can transition them from spring to summer and they literally go with EVERYTHING!

These are just a few of the ways you can style these camis!! I wouldn’t put it past myself to go order them in every color! Don’t forget, If you shop the TCElli’s website, use my code Christian19 for 19% off your entire purchase! I won’t make any commission off your purchase, just trying to get you a discount girl! Happy Friday, and happy shopping!!

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Spring Break Must Haves!

I was browsing through one of my favorite online clothing stores this morning and happened upon some things that I think are absolutely must haves for your spring break packing list! This year I decided to have a stay-cation in Dallas, while trying to find new, hidden spots in the city! (stay tuned cause i’ll be posting about my trip later!) I still wanted to find some pieces that I could add to my spring break wardrobe that would be versatile through the spring and summer! Here are some of my favorite finds! Click on the caption of the photo to shop that piece! Also, don’t forget you can use the code Christian19 at the checkout of for 19% off your entire order!

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Sooooo… as some of you may have noticed on my Instagram, i have now joined the Rewardstyle time and you can now shop my clothes from the app!!! I figured not all of you knew what it was or how to use it, so I thought I would hop on and give an explanation!

  1. Download the app! This is the simple part.
  2. Create a profile, this is also simple! From there you can follow your favorite influencers (including me at christian_tay)
  3. Go to your instagram and find a enabled picture! You can tell it is enabled by the logo in the bottom right hand corner, an example is below!

4. Once you find an enabled picture, screenshot it!

5.Go to your app and your screenshots will show up in you ‘My Likes’ section. From there you can click on a picture and shop the items in the picture. The links will send you directly to the place that you can purchase them from!

Its just that simple! I am so so so excited to share this with you guys and have the opportunity to help you find your style. If there is ever anything that I don’t link that you want to know about let me know in the comments or through a message! I would love to help you out!

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Roam Hair Scarves

I got the incredible opportunity to model for Roam Scarves the other day, and I am blown away at how much I actually loved wearing them in my hair. They really just add that little extra something to your outfit to make it feel completely put together. I also discovered that I need to invest in a new hat because the ones I wore for the shoot were so stinkin’ cute!! Hanna is one of the brains behind Roam, and she was so kind and easy to work with. She has a shop on Etsy where you can shop her hair, neck, and purse scarves! They’re all very reasonably price, and super high quality!

Also, on another note can we talk about how talented my friend Sierra is behind a camera. She made me look so good, I am so proud to know her. To know her is to feel loved, and she was so encouraging and complementary the whole time we were shooting. If you are in the OKC or Stillwater/ Norman area, and you need engagement or senior pictures done, check her out! She is a natural. Here is the link to her Instagram page, go comment on her pictures and let her know just how incredible she is!

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Patience in a time of uncertainty

Very recently, I submitted my application to nursing school at Texas Woman’s University. It is easy to be filled with anxiety as I wait for my results, an acceptance or denial. Every single day, I get asked when I am going to hear back or when i’m going to know if I got in. The thing is, I don’t know. That fills me with a lot of uncertainty and worry at times, but the thing I have come to realize is it is okay to not know.

There is a certain feeling of relief that comes with knowing that my fate is in God’s hands. Don’t get me wrong, I still really struggle with the uncertainty. That being said, I know that no matter what comes my way, or what my path ends up being next year I will know that it turned out exactly the way it was suppose to. To some of ya’ll this may sound a little too good to be true, that’s okay! It’s not always easy to believe that no matter what happens everything is going to work out! Trust me I have absolutely been there! The thing is, I would rather have faith in something than nothing at all. I have been tested in many situations in my life to have patience and to trust. Every single time, God’s will has been carried out. I know I know, kinda cheesy right? It’s true though, I have never had a more faithful companion than the one I have had in Christ.

If you get anything out of everything I have had to say today, it should be this. I have NO CLUE when I am going to know my acceptance status to nursing school, but I am okay with not knowing. God has a very specific plan to carry out in my life. Whether it is next fall, or next spring, or whenever it may happen, I will get into school whenever it is right for me to be there. I have FAITH that the God who created the skies, parted the seas, and sacrificed His son on the cross for our sins will deliver me into His will. If you don’t believe in Christ, or you are uncertain about anything I said, ask questions. I believe if you ask God to show you His grace HE WILL! Put your faith to the test, and even when times are rough, believe that He will carry you through it. I have NEVER been let down by Him, and I don’t believe you will either!

Have a fantastic Wednesday, or whenever you’re reading this! You are so special, and deserve to be treated as such! Here are some cute pictures that remind me of God’s faithfulness.