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Get ready for the 4th of July!

Wow, how is 2019 almost half way over already?! It’s kinda crazy to think that New Years was SIX months ago! Now here we are, one of my favorite holidays, 4th of July! I wanted to share some party decor, clothing, recipes and more with you guys. So, here it is, all of my Independence day favs!

Lets start with some staple 4th of July recipes in the Stafford house! One of our favorite things to make recently is beer battered fish and shrimp tacos with white barbecue sauce! Its so good, and the BBQ sauce gives it a nice tang! The tacos and BBQ sauce are both great finds from Pinterest of course and i’ll be sure to share those with you! They make my mouth water just thinking about them!

Of course what would be the 4th of July without some good ole American hamburgers and hot dogs? Instead of leaving them as they are, why not spice them up a little bit? Try making some homemade corndogs with your kids or significant other instead of doing the traditional hot dog on the grill! It’s so fun to do with others and actually pretty simple to make! Next, instead of making that boring old hamburger, give it a twist! Why not try making a cheese stuffed hamburger with all of your favorite toppings?

Alright guys now for the fun part, the red, white, and blue cocktail (or mocktail.. whichever you prefer)! The one i’m wanting to try out looks incredibly refreshing, and is also super patriotic! It’s called the citrus-spangled spritzer! If you didn’t want alcohol in your drink or want to make something for your kids you can leave out the vodka and blue curacao and make the drink with lemon lime soda, grenadine and some blue berries!

I like to think of this holiday is another excuse to spend some time in the pool, so new red, white, and blue swim suits are a must! I found some really cheap, yet good quality suits under $15 each! They came in decently fast and fit just as I thought they would! I think they fit perfect for the holiday and any other occasion honestly. All of my new suits are linked on my as well!

I also found the CUTEST Tees from Livy Lu, and the one i’m wearing in the picture is literally one of the softest I have ever owned. They have a ton of other options as well and some of them are on sale! You can use code christian15 for 15% off your entire purchase. They also have state shirts and college shirts for most of the colleges in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Although, if you’re near the Tulsa area you can stop by their brick and mortar store!

The last thing I want to share with you guys is decor! I found a company recently that does the most amazing, and honestly gorgeous balloon decorations! The company is called Lushra and I guarantee you that if you browse through their Instagram you’ll fall in love too! They are selling do it yourself balloon kits for you to decorate your own space for the 4th of July!! Try them out, I’m in love is these specialty balloon decorations!

I hope you guys have THE BEST Independence Day, let me know in the comments how you like to celebrate the 4th of July! Until the next one, peace!

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