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Doc Marten SALE!!!

OHHHH BABY, if I would’ve known about this when I got my Doc’s I would have been over the moon. I accidentally stumbled upon this sale, and knew I had to share with y’all. I know Docs aren’t for everyone, but I just think they’re so darn versatile, and they have been an absolute staple in my wardrobe since I got mine. You can style them with SO MANY things, I think I just about wore them with every single thing I put on last winter. I wanted to show y’all how I styled them today, which came out to be a little bit more edgy than I would normally wear, but i’m here for it.

In the winter, I wore them a lot with distressed jeans, and sweaters, T-shirts, literally you name it and I paired it with these shoes! I found them on Nordstrom Rack for under $70 dollars, which I really don’t think you’re gonna find a better deal anytime soon. I linked them on my so you can shop them there instantly! It will take you to the exact link you need to shop them! If it isn’t obvious already I am stoked to find this deal for y’all, and I hope you take advantage of it! Until the next one, peace!

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