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Let’s talk new arrivals

It’s not a secret that I am a Honey Bee for T. C. Elli’s, a Lubbock based boutique and online store. They’re constantly adding new and exciting things to their website, and when I opened my computer today I saw the CUTEST new arrivals. I’d say the main style of T.C. Elli’s is girly, eclectic, and trendy. All of their clothes, accessories and shoes have a fun and funky twist to them and I just cant get enough. I thought I would link some of my favorite finds so you guys could shop too! Remember you can always use my code ‘Christian’ to get 20% off your entire order!

There are so many other jaw dropping items they added recently, but these are definitely my favorite! How freaking cute are these wooden cheetah heels? Literally a statement piece if I have ever seen one! They also added some band tee’s and graphic tee’s that would be so cute with some denim shorts and a pair of sneakers! I Hope you guys have an amazing Friday, and an even better Memorial Day weekend! Until the next one, Peace!

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