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Here comes graduation.

Well guys, it’s been a minute and I apologize for my lack of consistency. Life has been full of school work, my job, and trying to make time to see my long distance boyfriend, Luke. I have missed writing to you guys, and letting you in on what is happening in my life. The truth is I have been a tad overwhelmed recently. I found out a few weeks ago that I didn’t make it into the nursing school I applied to in the fall. It was a little disheartening to find out, but at the same time I had some peace in it. I have tried my hardest not to dwell on it because I know in some way it will be a blessing in my life. I will be reapplying for the spring semester as soon as the applications are open and I am allowed to. In the mean time, I am going to work as hard as I can to make this season of waiting fruitful.

As you can tell by the title of this post, graduation is fast approaching. I have about a week and a half of college left and it is kind of scary. Especially considering the fact that I don’t really know what i’m doing with my life quite yet. It’s also hard to accept that I will be leaving behind so many amazing friends that I have made while at Oklahoma State. I don’t doubt that I will see them again in the near future, but not being able to see them whenever I want will be difficult. There is also a part of me that truly identifies with being a college student. If i’m not in Stillwater, then who am I? I am not a nursing student (yet), I am not a working individual with a big girl job, and I am not going to be a college student for much longer. Part of me knows that this is ok, and I know my identity is in Christ and not what title I have in life. The truth is, the transition period moving back home has me scared, yet really excited.

Graduation is a time meant for celebration, you’ve made it through college. I guess the point of this whole thing, and what i’m trying to tell you is, have peace. In whatever it is that you’re doing, or not doing, have peace that God will set a path out for you that will be so much more glorifying to Him than anything you could come up with on your own. Hear me out, I have already seen the fruits of not getting into nursing school yet. In having the time delegated to other things in the fall I will be able to do the following. First off, I get to spend so much more time with my family. They mean the absolute most to me, and being away from them for 4 years has been extremely difficult for many reasons. I will get to be more intentional in my role as a Maid of Honor to my best friend Lexie, and a bridesmaid to my friend Kamika. I will get to attend my boyfriends football games, and watch him coach some good ole high school football under those Friday night lights. I could go on, but these are things I just wouldn’t be able to do had I gotten into nursing school on my first try.

Believe me, I am a planner. I have had my post graduation plan in mind since I stepped foot onto Oklahoma State’s campus. Having my plan flipped around on me was extremely flustering, but I just know that this time will be so fruitful. I LOVE that I don’t know what i’m doing because it makes me uncomfortable and it gives me an opportunity to grow. I have absolutely adored my time at OSU, and I wouldn’t trade it for the entire world. Leaving this place will be extremely hard, but at the same time I am so excited. Excited for the adventures and challenges that await me in my future. Go Pokes forever.

2 thoughts on “Here comes graduation.

  1. Hey girl! Congrats on graduating! Just remember everything happens for a reason! I just found your blog and really enjoy it! Thank you for sharing your post and being real.


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