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It’s Spring Time BISSS!

Okay ya’ll I just got the cutest little cropped camis from TCElli’s, and I HAD TO share! I decided the best way to show you how dang versatile these things were was to put together a few outfits that scream spring. Honestly I personally feel like having basic pieces of clothing is essential to any wardrobe. Whether thats black, white and nude camis or T-shirts. You also have to have the denim, shorts and jacket. I think thats why I loved these cropped camis so much, because I can transition them from spring to summer and they literally go with EVERYTHING!

These are just a few of the ways you can style these camis!! I wouldn’t put it past myself to go order them in every color! Don’t forget, If you shop the TCElli’s website, use my code Christian19 for 19% off your entire purchase! I won’t make any commission off your purchase, just trying to get you a discount girl! Happy Friday, and happy shopping!!

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