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Sooooo… as some of you may have noticed on my Instagram, i have now joined the Rewardstyle time and you can now shop my clothes from the app!!! I figured not all of you knew what it was or how to use it, so I thought I would hop on and give an explanation!

  1. Download the app! This is the simple part.
  2. Create a profile, this is also simple! From there you can follow your favorite influencers (including me at christian_tay)
  3. Go to your instagram and find a enabled picture! You can tell it is enabled by the logo in the bottom right hand corner, an example is below!

4. Once you find an enabled picture, screenshot it!

5.Go to your app and your screenshots will show up in you ‘My Likes’ section. From there you can click on a picture and shop the items in the picture. The links will send you directly to the place that you can purchase them from!

Its just that simple! I am so so so excited to share this with you guys and have the opportunity to help you find your style. If there is ever anything that I don’t link that you want to know about let me know in the comments or through a message! I would love to help you out!

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