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Patience in a time of uncertainty

Very recently, I submitted my application to nursing school at Texas Woman’s University. It is easy to be filled with anxiety as I wait for my results, an acceptance or denial. Every single day, I get asked when I am going to hear back or when i’m going to know if I got in. The thing is, I don’t know. That fills me with a lot of uncertainty and worry at times, but the thing I have come to realize is it is okay to not know.

There is a certain feeling of relief that comes with knowing that my fate is in God’s hands. Don’t get me wrong, I still really struggle with the uncertainty. That being said, I know that no matter what comes my way, or what my path ends up being next year I will know that it turned out exactly the way it was suppose to. To some of ya’ll this may sound a little too good to be true, that’s okay! It’s not always easy to believe that no matter what happens everything is going to work out! Trust me I have absolutely been there! The thing is, I would rather have faith in something than nothing at all. I have been tested in many situations in my life to have patience and to trust. Every single time, God’s will has been carried out. I know I know, kinda cheesy right? It’s true though, I have never had a more faithful companion than the one I have had in Christ.

If you get anything out of everything I have had to say today, it should be this. I have NO CLUE when I am going to know my acceptance status to nursing school, but I am okay with not knowing. God has a very specific plan to carry out in my life. Whether it is next fall, or next spring, or whenever it may happen, I will get into school whenever it is right for me to be there. I have FAITH that the God who created the skies, parted the seas, and sacrificed His son on the cross for our sins will deliver me into His will. If you don’t believe in Christ, or you are uncertain about anything I said, ask questions. I believe if you ask God to show you His grace HE WILL! Put your faith to the test, and even when times are rough, believe that He will carry you through it. I have NEVER been let down by Him, and I don’t believe you will either!

Have a fantastic Wednesday, or whenever you’re reading this! You are so special, and deserve to be treated as such! Here are some cute pictures that remind me of God’s faithfulness.

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